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In the week between our November and December Pocket Vinyl tours last year, I was hard at work completing the Kickstarter rewards we’d promised our backers that had helped us release our recent album, Death AnxietyA lot of people had asked for paintings as their rewards, and, pressed for time, there were actually two days where I painted straight and pulled off 14 completed paintings! It was exhausting, but sometimes you just have to do 13-hour work days. Now, three months later, I finally have the time to post those pieces. These are the 6″x6″ oil paintings done on gessoed masonite board:



Untitled-1bEach Kickstarter backer that asked for a painting requested in one way or another what they wanted their painting to be of, and those requests were:

a) “A mouse and a bear that represent our cats. The mouse should be petting the bear.”

b) “Exactly like the horse painting you did during a show, but without the woman’s body attached.”

c) “Our cat, playing a banjo.”

d) “Something to do with bees.”

By the way, I’m currently taking commissions and if you’re interested in a painting of this size, the cost is $50, plus shipping & packaging.