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The final group of Kickstarter paintings I’ll be posting are of different sizes, but all the same theme. I’ve never had so many requests for a single paintings before, but people really seem to resonate with a show painting I did in January 2013.


The requests for each of the above paintings are as follows:

a) “A night sky similar to the one in this painting, but with green grassy hills that look as though they’re in sunlight.” 1’x1′

b) (This was not a Kickstarter painting, but was commissioned at the same time that I was completing the Kickstarter paintings.) “Pretty much exactly like this painting, only make the two figures look like me and my boyfriend, and add our dog next to us.” 16″x24″

c) & d) “The first pretty much exactly like this painting, and the second looking like the following morning.” 6″x6″ each

Eric suggests that although monsters and children riding giant dogs are fun to look at, the thing about the camping painting is that practically everyone can relate to it, and that’s why I get so many commission requests for it.

Well, if you’re interested in a commission of a couple camping by a lake under moonlight, let me know!