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Since I’m posting Kickstarter rewards, I might as well keep going with some non-painting rewards that we also made available. I don’t drive, so when we’re on tour I’ve picked up knitting so that I can at least feel productive during long drives. We offered up some knitted goods for our Kickstarter, and here’s what some people requested from us:


I’ll be honest, I was slightly disappointed there were more scarf requests than sock requests. Although they are simpler, scarves are kind of boring to work on compared to socks… But either way, we were glad for the Kickstarter support.

a) “A pair of socks in earthy-brown tones.”

b) “A scarf in purples and blues.”

c) “A scarf in school bus yellow or olive green (or both).”

d) “A scarf in green, blue, and… I dunno. Black?”

You can tell as the scarves progressed that I started getting more creative with the patterns, simply to keep myself engaged.

I’ve been working on some knitted goods over the past weeks, and I hope to gather together a good-sized collection of quality pieces and then open an Etsy shop in the fall. Hopefully it’ll go well. I do take knitted commissions too, so drop me a note if you’re interested in something specific.