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Since we’re on the subject of knitting and my future Etsy shop of cozy beautiful handmade warmth, here are a couple knitted pieces I finished this year that were not a part of our Kickstarter rewards:


My mom’s Birthday was at the beginning of February, and I had a couple balls of this incredibly soft yarn that changed colour on its own between different shades of purple. I used a super simple stitch, but since I never had to change colours to get the desired effect, it was a nice relaxing project from some of the more complex pieces I’d done for the Kickstarter rewards.


This second scarf was a commission from my sister-in-law. She recently got her yoga certification and she asked me to create a scarf that she could gift to her yoga instructor in the colours of the chakra. To make things a little more interesting for myself I switched colours of yarn on the diagonal, something I’d never tried before.

I’m really happy with how both pieces came out; they’re both fairly long and very wide, great for bundling up in cold weather.

Also, I decided that if I am going to start an Etsy site this fall, I should add tags to my pieces. And since Pocket Vinyl is already fairly established for us, I decided that that’s what I’ll use to tag my pieces (plus then maybe we can sell knitted pieces on our merch table. We’ll see). So I created a screen and screen printed “Pocket Vinyl” onto cloth ribbon, cut them up, and sewed the new labels onto my scarves.