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I almost forgot to write about a couple New England shows we had last weekend. The first was on February 21st in Amherst, MA at the Witch Haus, a DIY space for a massive college house party. Eric had performed there back in October on his own, because I’d had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction that morning and was still groggily lying on the couch when he left for that show. The party in February was massive. Eric guesses 300 kids, but I think it must have been closer to 400. We performed in the basement and it was so tight I was literally bumping into people as I was painting.



We left that show late and had the long ride back to CT. I don’t think we arrived home until about 3:30 AM. Then, I had the very exciting idea to get up early(-ish) and go hike Mount Monadnock! Our February 22nd show was in Marlborough, NH, which is just 20 or so minutes from the base of Mount Monadnock. I’d spent many youth group outings in high school staying at the retreat center at the base and I’d climbed the mountain quite a few times. And Eric had worked at a camp near Keene, NH in high school and had also climbed the mountain a handful of times. Neither of us had been in years, and since we’d be in the area it seemed like a good idea! A few things though: it’s a lot harder to climb when it’s cover in slick icy snow… And when you’re still exhausted from the night before. Plus, since we needed to give ourselves enough time to get ready for the show, we decided to turn around after an hour up. We almost hit the tree line, but promised ourselves we’d be back once the snow’s gone. Also, when there’s snow, you can actually slide down the side of the mountain, which was awesome!

Our show in Marlborough was actually a fund raiser for the Keen Music Festival later this fall. We’ve played the festival a few times and we really love it and the town, so we were more than happy to help out with a fundraising show. Plus! The took took place at a gourmet chocolate shop, as a part of a wine and chocolate pairing. It was amazing. So much good chocolate!


The place is called Unbridled Chocolates and the chocolatier is committed to using organic and local ingredients, and to perfecting recipes until they barely resemble the competition. They gifted us with a box of chocolates as we were leaving and we just finished them all yesterday, and I’m so sad they’re all gone. Amazing.

Also, really looking forward to performing at this year’s Keen Music Festival. Apparently they’ve already had 1,200 musician applications. I think this’ll be a really good year.


Our next Pocket Vinyl show is this Wednesday, at the Bean & Leaf in New London; our last local show before heading out on a five-week tour at the end of this week.