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Last night we performed the first Pocket Vinyl show for our 5-week tour all over the eastern half of the country. It was a local-ish show, in Bristol, CT at the Artist Tree Tea House. The location was the same venue we’d performed at for Bare Bones, just redone. The show started around 7:00 with an art opening for Ashley Lodovico. The gallery was packed, and someone asked Eric to play some background piano music while people milled about.

At 8:00 we started our show. The crowd thinning out, but we still had a great time with everyone remaining.



Talks were had of me possibly having a gallery show here at the venue in the future. I’ve been really wanting to get back into gallery showings, so I’m pretty excited about the prospect.



Although it meant backtracking an hour, we decided to head home for one final night in our own bed before 5 weeks of sleeping bags on floors, couches, and our car. Now, we’re just about heading out the door to start our drive towards Harrisburg, PA for a show back at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. We’ve performed there in the past, and it’s a pretty awesome venue. Show starts around 7:30. See you on the road!