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Only a few short days into this 5 week tour and we’ve already encountered some adventure! (If you call “issues” or “problems” adventure instead it’s a lot easier to laugh at things.)

Along a highway in New Jersey on Saturday, March 8, we hit what we thought at first was a chunk of tire in the road. Turned out to be metal, with spikes. We busted up a back tire and had to scoot over to the side of the highway to change it. Thankfully we had a good spare, crappily these tires were pretty new. We’ll need to get another spare sometime soon. Since the spare was under the trunk we had to unload practically all of our gear before we could get to it. On the other hand, being stranded on the side of a busy highway, even if it’s only for a half hour, really forces you to take in all the details that you typically fly by. I kind of enjoy it.



We made it to the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, PA just as the opening act, Michelle Lewis, was beginning. We were a bit flustered about showing up late, but everyone was really chill and kind, and the show went really well. We had an awesome crowd and everyone was so sweet afterwards.



After the show we headed off to Elizabethtown to stay with our good friends Nate and Journey. As we pulled up we had our second fun surprise: I realized that I’d left my carefully packed backpack, containing basically everything I need to travel, at home. I was more irritated with myself than anything else, but the next morning Journey directed us to a Kmart where I got pajamas, underwear, deodorant, etc. Ugh, I was so proud of myself for being so prepared too!

By early evening Eric and I headed off towards South Philadelphia, where we had our next show at a punk club called JR’s Bar. They weren’t open yet so we wandered around, taking in the South Philly sights.



Back at the venue we met the other two acts, as well as our old college friend Andrew Davis. A local singer/songwriter going by the name Bastards of Earle started the show, then we did our set, then the final local act played, Layers and Frames. A 4th act canceled, and the venue was fairly sparsely attended, with Andrew and two walk-ins our only non-band audience. We were glad for the show though, the guys in the bands were nice, and it was of course awesome to see Andrew.



Andrew offered to let us sleep in the living room of a townhouse he shares with three other people, which is where we are now. Unfortunately, one of his housemates has either a stomach bug or food poisoning. We’re all hoping it’s the second one, but we’re trying to keep as far away as possible. Getting sick on tour, especially on such a long tour, and at the beginning of it, would seriously be the worst. Send prayers and good thoughts our way that we can stay healthy, at least until mid-April when we get home!

Tonight we’ll be performing our second South Philly show, at Teri’s Bar.