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We left Philly behind us. Still not sick. Crossing our fingers it doesn’t catch up with us, at least not until we get home.

Our Pocket Vinyl show last night was again in South Philly, this time at Teri’s Bar, on a street covered in festive red, green, and white decorations, on the same street as the super ethnocentric Geno’s. Much better attended than the night before, although a lot of the people stayed outside for most of the show. Our good friend Brian came though! And it was really awesome getting to see him.

A duo calling themselves Mocha and the Jew started off the music for the night. We performed third and Matthew the bartender not only got the painting, but invited us back. Here’s hoping some good Philly connections come from this. I was also invited to do a gallery showing at another location by someone else, possibly in the summer. I’ve really been wanting to do a lot more gallery showings, so I’m pretty excited about that.

Untitled-1Also, I’m really happy with this painting. Sort of wish I could have kept this one.

Untitled-1nThe third act of the night was a band called Lurk that was super enthusiastic and jumping all over the place. Afterwards Eric & I headed back to Andrew’s house again for the night. He was already asleep when we got in, but I said goodbye as he was on his way out this morning. Then a quick shower and we hit the road towards the middle of Pennsylvania for our return to Avenue 209 in Lock Haven. We got into town mid-afternoon and the weather has been amazing. We stretched our legs along the river walk and it was sunny and so nice!! It’s been so long!

IMG_3312After tonight’s show we’re scooting back East again to perform at Triumph Brewery again in New Hope, PA. For full tour dates check out our website.