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Sorry for my lack of tour updates. I’ve been working like crazy to try to get this one commission done, and besides traveling, playing shows, and sleeping, it’s been taking up almost all of my time. But I figured I’d take a short break to let you all know how we’re doing.

Last I said we’d left Philly and had stopped on a beautifully sunny day in Lock Haven, PA, on March 11th. Well, our show that night at Avenue 209 was our best yet! The place was packed with people to see us, and it really made us feel good, especially after some crappiness.

Oh right, in case you didn’t already hear: We got our first-ever anonymous negative internet comments this past week. Trolls or whatever you feel like calling them. We’ve gotten negative reviews in the past, and those, although disappointing, are a lot easier to take. It’s understandable that we’re not going to be everyone’s favorite thing. And I’m currently far from denying someone their opinion. But these comments were based purely on image. The people making the comments hadn’t heard us or seen us, they instead passed quick and crass judgments and moved on. A few were directed straight at me, and as I’ve dealt with a lot of my own self-image issues and some past depression, they were pretty hard to take. It just brought me right back to being bullied in middle school. I guess it comes with the territory of putting yourself out there. Still hurts though.

Anyway, I painted this at Avenue 209:

Untitled-1We sold out of the rest of our “Super Happy” editions of Death Anxiety that night, so that was a fun milestone. After the show a young couple around our age, Tim and Robyn, invited us back to their apartment to crash for the night. We’d been planning on spending the night in our car, so it was wonderful to not only be warm, but to actually sleep in a bed too!

The next day (March 12) they let us hang out and do some laundry before heading out on the road towards New Hope, PA for a show at the Triumph Brewery again. However, Eric had started feeling a little under the weather, and as we drove he got worse and worse. Finally he physically couldn’t continue driving so we decided to pull off in White Haven, PA. We found a hotel, about $20 more than we like to spend, but we didn’t have any other options. Eric immediately went to bed. He was burning up but kept shivering, going in and out of consciousness. We cancelled that night’s show (a tough blow, as we’d been really looking forward to it) and I spent the evening trying to coax Eric to sleep with cool cloths getting him to drink water.


Whatever he had we don’t think he picked it up from Andrew’s house in Philly, because that girl was constantly puking and Eric had no stomach problems at all. Plus, it was over in 24 hours! Thank goodness. He was way better by morning (March 13), though I had a small head cold. Which I couldn’t have caught from Eric either, because all of my symptoms are different than whatever he had!

From White Haven, PA, we began to head south toward Harrisonburg, VA, to perform another show at Common Grounds at Eastern Mennonite University. Tyler, the student who booked the show for us, offered to let us stay at his parents’ house in the area, which was so wonderful. Here’s Eric before that show:



This show was decent, if a little sparse. But everyone who was there was really awesome and responded well to our act. My head cold seems to be getting worse. Mostly it’s just a cough, sore throat, and headache, with waves of weakness thrown  in here and there. It was a bit tough to perform, but at least I’m not the one who has to sing. So grateful that Eric’s doing better at least.

Untitled-1Yesterday, March 14, we left Tyler’s place in Harrisonburg and continued on towards Roanoke, VA to do another show at the Bazaar. We spent most of the day at a Panera so I could work on this commission I’ve been doing (I’m so close to being done!). Toward the evening when I’d had enough drawing we walked over to the mall because I had a coupon for a free pair of underwear at Victoria’s Secret. And we had another being recognized in public moment: a male employee at Victoria’s Secret asked if we were Pocket Vinyl. He’d seen us perform in the area in the past. The entire event was pretty amusing.

We went over to the Bazaar after that. They’ve expanded and the place looks awesome. They have a much larger music collection now, with a lot of awesome vinyl, and I found an album that I really could not pass up. If you haven’t heard Tig Notaro‘s special Live, go do that now. It’s beyond amazing.

Anyway, we performed, Eric passed around a bag of purple gumballs and Andrew had given us in Philly, a bunch of Roanoke locals came out and it was awesome seeing familiar faces, our friend Jordan won the bid on the painting, and the band Shared Skeletons played after us.

Untitled-1Jordan offered to let us crash in his living room for the night, which we really appreciated. Unfortunately my cough kept me up for two extra hours, and a lack of sleep really didn’t help how I’m feeling today. After we’d already gone to bed two other bands showed up to spend the night on their way between shows. One of them was Comrades, whose house we’d performed at last year, so it was cool seeing them again this morning.

We took off fairly early and drove to West Virginia. We have a show tonight at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews here in Huntington, our first-ever West Virginia show! We even got an article written up about us for tonight’s show! Tomorrow night, back to Johnson City, TN were we’ll coincidentally be doing a show with our good Connecticut friends James Maple and Daphne Lee Martin!