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Wow, my sickness really took me out of commission. It’s been over a week since my last update. In case you were worried, we are still alive and feeling much healthier. Here’s the couple shows that lead up to my illness:

Last Saturday, March 15, we had out first-ever West Virginia show, in Huntington, at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews. Before the show they fed us really well (Asian-style fish tacos? What?). The show went really well too, everyone was super enthusiastic and encouraging, and have already invited us back. So awesome.

Untitled-1We were offered a place to stay, but our potential host was heading out to another late-night show, and since I’d begun to start getting sick (soar throat and cough just kept getting worse), we declined for the ol’ comfort of a Walmart parking lot. Our first night in the car on this tour, but the weather’s been getting warmer and we actually both slept pretty decently.

The next day we drove to Johnson City, TN for another show (possibly our 4th?) at the Acoustic Coffehouse. Beforehand we stopped in to see our friend Jocelyn & her family. She’d offered us a place to sleep after the show, and I had to deliver to her a painting I’d done as an art trade for the amazing press photo she’d done for us!



(I created a watercolour of her three kids on an adventure through the woods!)

Untitled-1bSo, this show at the Acoustic Coffeehouse was extra special in so many way: First, my Uncle Dave & Aunt Sara came to see us! They live about an hour away, and after seeing Uncle Dave at my Auntie Jo’s wake last month, it was really great to visit with them both. It also just felt incredibly encouraging to have some family come out and support us.

Secondly, our good friends from the New London music scene, Daphne Lee Martin and James Maple just happened to also book shows at the Acoustic Coffeehouse on the same exact night as us! So exciting!! Since Eric use to play piano for Daphne’s band Raise the Rent, he accompanied her for a good part of her set that night.

Thirdly, The guy who won the bid on the painting was the same guy who’d won the bid almost two years ago, during our very first show at the Acoustic Coffeehouse!

Untitled-1At the end of the night we quietly arrived back at Jocelyn’s house and crept into bed on her living room futon. The next day was the start of my very bad 36 hours of sickness, but we need to head off to our first-ever Kentucky show, so I’ll leave that adventure to my next post.