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Then I got sick.

We left Johnson City, TN on St Patrick’s Day. I was dressed all in green, but it brought me no luck. The drive to Boone, NC was spectacularly beautiful, but the entire time I was just getting sicker and sicker. When we arrived in Boone a thick fog and slushy snow had swept in. We found Bald Guy Brew, where we were scheduled to perform, but it was still very early. Since I wasn’t looking too good Eric asked if the people working could recommend a cheap hotel, and we were told to try out the sketchy looking place up the street that advertised “$29.99 two people one bed”.

We checked in around 1:00 and I passed out. By evening I still hadn’t moved, so Eric decided to play our show on his own. I felt terrible, but everything hurt. Walking the few steps to the bathroom was enough to completely exhausted me. Eric really took one for the team that night. The next day, Tuesday, March 18, was the same. I didn’t even have energy to watch TV. Eric canceled our Knoxville show and booked a second night in the hotel. Finally by Wednesday the 19th I got enough energy to shower and figured I could make it to Murfreesboro, TN for our show that night. I also realized how seriously crummy our hotel room was; the comforter on the bed had multiple cigarette burns right through it, and check out the bathroom window. On the other hand, if it’d cost more than $30 a night I would have felt doubly guilty about being so sick for so long.

The strangest thing was how my sickness was nothing like Eric’s, and neither of us had been anything like Andrew’s housemate’s in Philly. And even Jocelyn’s kids got sick after we left on Monday but they had something completely different too. Pretty weird. Over the next few days I slowly began to recover, but it’s been taking me a while to stop feeling weak and having throat issues. Hot tea helps a lot.

Untitled-1mIn Murfreesboro our show was at Liquid Smoke, a cigar shop downtown. It was surprisingly a really awesome show, and everyone was super cool. I had to keep things real slow, and attempted to catch up on some art commissions I’ve been working on before our set.

I was, though, super happy with the painting. We had a longer set, so I was able to take my time.

Untitled-1That evening after the show we drove up to Nashville. Our friends Zach & Kirstie of Fable Cry had told us that we could crash in their living room. We had no show the next day (March 20th, the first day of spring!) so we just rested up at their place and stayed over another night.

And that was my sick adventure. Let’s hope I only have one on this tour!