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On Friday, March 21st, we left Nashville and headed to our most southern show of this tour, in Huntsville, Alabama. This show definitely turned out way different than what we;d been expecting. We arrived in town a little early, so we checked in at the Copper Top beforehand, and they gave us dinner. At the end of a strip mall, this was the definition of a biker dive. It was dark, loud, most everyone was smoking, and we had no idea how well we’d be received. The bartenders at least had looked us up earlier and were pretty enthusiastic to see us play, so that was encouraging. We left to kill some time, returning with enough time to set up in front of the dart boards.

Everyone was amazing. Even those stone-faced at the beginning were smiling and talking with us by the end. We had an amazing time. And one of Eric’s old college friends, Thaddaeus, drove up from where he’s at school to see us and brought a handful of cool friends. (Two who work for NASA. What?)

Untitled-1Afterwards, one of the bartenders, a girl going by the name Panda, saw the sign on our merch table about how we’d be sleeping in the car unless someone offered us a place to sleep, and she said we could stay in her trailer. It was a typical camping trailer out on the edge of town next to some chickens and a vocal rooster, and didn’t have electricity or water hooked up yet, but we were incredibly grateful to be able to stretch out in a bed! Also, came to find out she’d lived in New London, CT for a bit! So awesome!

Untitled-1lWe were out fairly early the next morning and began driving up past Nashville to Louisville, Kentucky. Our first-ever Kentucky show! It was also a quick dip back into EST, but just for the one show. We’re an hour different as we stay in the mid-west until heading back east next month.

We got into town a little early, and it was beautiful, so we spent some time wandering around a massive cemetery. (Did you know that people have stained-glass monuments as gravestones? Never seen that before.) I love cemeteries.

Our show that night was at the Bard’s Town, a Shakespearean-themed restaurant that does a lot of shows. Bit of a weird night. For one thing, there were a ton of shows going on (not only us, but also a stand-up comedy act and I think a play going on upstairs…), and we couldn’t seem to track down who was in charge for the first 40 minutes. Then there was this miscommunication surrounding the band bar tab… Anyway, once everything was figured out we found ourselves in a side room as a hard rock band calling themselves Rifle started playing. We went up second and I think our set turned out much better than either of us had been expecting. Everyone was really cool and sweet, and we seemed to be able to coax a handful of people in from the dining area.

Untitled-mPhourist, a solo singer/songwriter, performed after us. It was a late show. As we were finishing packing up a guy named Dan, who was the one snapping photos during all the acts, offered to let us stay at his apartment nearby. People are seriously so nice, in often very unexpected places.