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Dan and his three wonderful cats let us sleep in a little on Sunday, March 23rd; but after showering we headed out to Champaign, IL for our show scheduled at the Indi Go Artist Co-Op, a gallery space downtown.

No one came to our show.

We waited with the gallery curator for an hour after we were suppose to start, and not a single person came in. She told us that spring break had just started, and that was most likely the reason no one was out. It was a little frustrating too, just because there had been a lot of local press about us and this show. Oh well. These things happen and honestly, it bothered us much less than we would’ve expected. Maybe we are getting thicker skin.

It was early when we were done packing up, so we got some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a Redbox movie and watched it in our car to pass the evening. After the movie and ice cream we decided to start driving towards our next destination: Rock Island, IL. We pulled off at a rest stop when I began to doze off, and cozily arranged ourselves in the car for the night. We just passed the halfway mark for this tour, and we’ve only had to sleep in the car twice; not bad.

Untitled-1Monday, March 24, was Daytrotter Day! (“Yaytrotter”, as Eric marked it in our directions.) For those who haven’t encountered Daytotter in the past, they’re a recording studio that hosts sessions with typically indie acts ranging anywhere from the largely popular (the National, Spoon, Wilco) to the little “up-and-comers” (like us!). They post these sessions on their website along with a unique illustration of the band created by Johnnie Cluney (his pieces have become quite recognisable). For an incredibly small monthly fee (I think it’s set to $4 currently) you can get a Daytrotter account and download a catalog of thousands of these unedited recordings from a huge variety of indie band. You can also find Daytrotter session vinyl in record shops. Needless to say, Eric & I were/are incredibly ecstatic to get to be a part of the Daytrotter family.

We got into town sometime after noon and found the studio (one of two in Rock Island) and met Pat, who’d be doing the recording around 12:30. Unfortunately our 1:00 slot had been rescheduled for 12:00 but since we’d been on the road we hadn’t seen the email. But because Eric has such minimal setup it wasn’t a big deal.

Pat was amazing. We were both not only very excited, but also pretty nervous about the session, but Pat insured that it was an awesome time. He was patient with all of our questions, and made us feel incredibly comfortable. The amount of respect that he showed us both meant so much, especially in knowing that he’s working with just a huge amount of bigger bands.

The recordings were done using analog (which was so fun!) and they don’t edit, though Pat said we could do more than one take if we wanted. Eric played four songs, and only one take for each. I didn’t paint (there was really no point to), but I did decide to do a little caricature sketch of Eric while he was performing.

Untitled-1Then, the weirdest coincidence ever: right as we were finishing packing up the guys from Golden Bloom walked through the door! They’re all from Connecticut and we did a show with them and Ezra Furman almost two years ago! They were the Daytrotter session right after us. What are the odds? So weird, and awesome.

From Rock Island we were heading to Chicago to stay with our friends Brent and Liz for the next couple of days. Brent had recommended we not try to drive into the city until after rush hour, so we had time to kill. So we went pants shopping. Long story short, it was the first time I’d bought actual new jeans since college, so it was sort of a big deal.

Yesterday (March 25th) we had off and we just hung around Brent & Liz’s Chicago apartment. I slept in and napped for a few hours (I never nap.) so I guess my body really need to catch up on some rest. Tonight we have a show here in Chicago at Uncommon Ground. If you’re in the area for sure stop by! We head up to Wisconsin tomorrow.