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It was nice having some time off in Chicago to walk around and not have to worry about getting to a show or finding a place to spend the night, but after a few days without shows we started a 10-in-a-show show streak with a show on Wednesday night (March 26th) in Chicago at Uncommon Ground. Unfortunately, one of the bands canceled last minute, and the other band besides us was also from out-of-town, so the attendance was quiet, to say the least. Our Chicago hosts, Liz & Brent came out to see us though and got the painting, and the other act (a guy named Drew Gibson from DC) was enjoyable.


Untitled-1Yesterday (March 27) we left Chicago and headed into Wisconsin. With weather & traffic we arrived around 5:30 at Indie Coffee. Unfortunately there was a big March Madness basketball game involving Wisconsin right when our show was starting, so the sports bar across the street was packed, but the coffee shop was fairly empty. But our small crowd was super awesome and seemed to really be enjoying the show, and we stayed with our good friend Scott, so it’s always awesome to see him.

Untitled-2We’ll be back in Madison on Monday, after spending a couple days in Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Untitled-1Tonight we’ll be in Milwaukee at a place we’ve never been to before: Art Bar.