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Well…. This blog typically gets around 30-40 views a days, but for some reason today my views have blown up to about 400 already. I… have no idea why this has happened. But, thanks for stopping by.

Back on Monday the 31st we met up with our friend Scott again in Madison at the Henry Vilas Zoo, which is free! I don’t think I’d been to a zoo since I was living in Japan, and it really made me miss going to the Sapporo one. I really wish I lived in Madison and could take advantage of a FREE zoo and the massive amounts of sketching I could do! Yes, it can be sad, but it’s also incredible to see such gorgeous and powerful creatures so close! One of the orangutans climbed to the top of his enclosure and actually aimed his pee right at all the upturned faces watching him! And we saw massive almost 200 year old turtles (!) and a snake that could swallow a dog whole. So crazy!

Untitled-1We hung out with Scott for a bit before heading down to the Wisco for our show that night. We performed alongside a lot of really awesome bands, starting with Gentle Brontosaurus, then us, then the Wells Division, and ending with Owls, Foxes, and Sebastian (and those guys actually won the bid on the painting too).

Untitled-4After playing I grabbed the local Madison entertainment paper to flip through, and discovered that Stephan Pastis, creator of one of my favorite comics, Pearls Before Swine, was in town and had just done a reading at a nearby bookshop before our show! And I was literally 4 hours late!! I was so incredibly upset; we could’ve gone to see him! I couldn’t believe hoe ill-timed my discovery was. Oh well…

The next day (April Fool’s Day, which is literally only celebrated by middle school boys and EVERYONE on Facebook), we grabbed some breakfast with Scott at Mickie’s (one of his favorite breaky spots; this was our third time here with him) before leaving town and heading for Winona, Minnesota. We had a show at Some Sum Studio. However, when we showed up and for the first hour that we were there, it didn’t look like we’d have a show… Besides the guy running the gallery, the place was mostly empty, and we were told that attendance had been really sparse and we might not have a show. But, a few people trickled in and we decided to start and see how things went. More people trickled in and we ended up with an ok small crowd.

Untitled-2Untitled-1Then, just after we’d finished up the last song, our friend Whit we’d met and stayed with last year walked in! She’d been walking home from work, saw Eric through Some Sum’s window, and came in. She had no idea we’d be in town, it was an awesome coincidence! She offered to let us sleep in her living room, literally about a block away. We’d been planning on sleeping in our car, so we were so happy for the offer.

Whit left this morning before we woke up. Since we hadn’t been sleeping well we took our time, and around 10:00 while we were hanging out on the couch talking Whit’s mom walked in. We weren’t expecting her and she wasn’t expecting to see us (she’d wanted to come over to do some cleaning as a surprise for Whit) and we seriously freaked her out. After a good amount of explaining (she was fine, just shocked) we packed up and headed to La Crosse, WI. We have a show here at the Root Note again, and we’ve been spending a few hours here at Sip & Surf, the nicest laundromat/cafe/tanning spa (?) I’ve ever seen!

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Wisconsin and head south to Des Moines.