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Well, Pretzcon is over and we’re back on the road for one more week of shows as we tour our way home to Connecticut. Yesterday (April 7) we left our super comfy hotel, said our goodbyes, and headed down towards Kansas City, MO. We were getting close to town a little early, and it was an amazingly gorgeous day (the weather has been so warm and beautiful these past few days! I’m so excited for winter to be over and to be able to be outside again!), so we turned off at the Weston Bend State Park. We hiked the 3 mile bike trail and were just so happy to be outside away from the business of cities.

l1After our hike we headed into town for our show at Mike Kelly’s Westsider. We hung around while the members of the other band, My Oh My!, trickled in and began setting up. Our friend Grant is in this band (and two others) and we’d gotten the show through him. Before they started a woman named Katrina introduced herself to us as our friend Bill’s (from Connecticut) daughter! So cool that she came out to see us and that we got to meet her! And right before we started our friend Steve showed up with his girlfriend Rachel. So, it was a small Monday night crowd, but we were surrounded by good friends so it really turned out awesome! (Also, the final NCAA basketball championship game was right during our show. We have played during so many of these big games! And our state won, so, that’s neat.)

Untitled-1Steve won the bid on the painting (his 4th now) and then offered to take us out for a late dinner (we skip meals often on the road, and it was really super nice of him and Rachel to take us out!). We went a few blocks over to the Drunken Worm for delicious tacos before saying goodnight and heading over to Barb’s (another friend) who’d offered to let us crash (again. We’d stayed with her the last time we were in town). So nice to not have to sleep in the car!

This morning we drove over to Topeka, Kansas for our last show before we start the fast trip back east. We stopped at the rainbow house, then have been hanging out at the Topeka Public Library all afternoon. Tonight we return to the Boobie Trap for a later show, then we have a long drive tomorrow to Indiana. Check out our tour dates for more info on the final 7 shows of this tour!

tumblr_n3qcp7BA2L1r60igyo1_500April 8 – Topeka, KS – Boobie Trap   9 PM

April 9 – Anderson, IN – Mocha Joe’s on Anderson University

April 10 – Houghton, NY – Coffee Shop on campus (formerly Java 101)    8 PM

April 11 – Elmira, NY – Turtle Leaf Cafe    5:30

April 12 – Lancaster, PA – Arts House

April 13 – Moonlit Oasis Hookah Lounge

April 14 – New Hope, PA – Triumph Brewing Co.  9 PM