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After Pretzcon we really wanted to make it back to the East Coast as quickly as possible, so with the massive amounts of driving I haven’t really had much time to write for this blog. We’re about to start our last show of this tour in a half hour, so I think I have enough time for a bit of an update.

Tuesday, April 8th we had another show at the Boobie Trap in Topeka, Kansas. (We had time to kill beforehand and ended up watched Gravity on RedBox in our car. Amazing movie.) This was our third time here, and it turned out to be an awesome show. There was a good crowd, and most of them had actually seen us there before! One girl, the one who’d gotten the painting and had actually also gotten the painting during our first Boobie Trap show, brought us baked goods!

Untitled-1jK.J. Theis, who’d taken some awesome photos of us during our last Boobie Trap show (and is a spectacular visual artist in a lot of mediums) invited us back to her place to sleep after the show. We couldn’t be more grateful, since we’d be planning on sleeping in our car that night. The next morning we were up at 6:00 AM and out the door to start driving towards Indiana for our next show. (Stopped at a cute local donut place that opened at 6:00 though!) Again, so grateful we got to have a good night’s sleep before such a long drive. It ended up taking us close to 11 hours, and we had to cross a time zone back into EST, so we lost an hour.

Our Wednesday (April 9th) show was at Anderson University in the coffee shop. That was pretty rough: The audience was really small and we almost didn’t play. The girl who got the painting was super sweet and enthusiastic, but it was really tough on our self esteem to have driven so far for a poorly attended and not at all profitable show.

Untitled-h1However, the biggest redeemer for this show was that it was only a half hour away from Eric’s Aunt Peggy and Uncle Norm’s place, and they’d said we could spend the night there. Exhausted from the events of the day, it was amazing to get to shower and sleep well. The next morning, April 10th, we had another really long drive ahead of us, but got up early enough to join Aunt Peggy for breakfast and check out the new additions to her ever-growing farm.

It took us close to 10 hours to drive to Houghton, NY for another show at the old college coffee shop (use to be Java 101, now it serves Starbucks). Although none of our friends are students anymore, it was nice to see a few alumni, Eric’s parents (who we always stay with when we’re in the area), and  couple students we’ve gotten to know from previous shows.

Untitled-1pThankfully our long days of travel were over, and I’ll have to update the rest of this week’s shows later, when I have time. It’s been a wonderful tour, but I’m so excited to be going home!!