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We’re home! I can’t believe we’re finally home! It was a fun tour, but it’s so amazing to not have to move for a while.

Back to tour though: We were up early for a second day in a row on Friday April 11th to meet up with some friends in Houghton for breakfast before they had to be at work. That afternoon we headed down to Horseheads, NY for a show at the Turtle Leaf Cafe, which just happened to be in the same plaza where I got my wedding dress three years ago!

Untitled-2The cafe is awesome, and they fed us and took care of us well. The crowd was on the smaller size, but everyone there seemed to really enjoy it. After hearing that we sometimes sleep in our car on the road (and in fact we once slept at the Walmart there in Horseheads) the cafe owner offered to treat us to a hotel room for the night! We were so incredibly grateful, but had already decided that, since it was such an early show, we’d just drive down to Elizabethtown, PA and stay with Journey (my ex-college roomie) and Nate.

I’m glad we did too, because we then had all of Saturday, April 12th to hang out and not worry about driving. Plus, it was the nicest day we’d experienced since starting this tour. It was sunny and hot and Journey & I took a long leisurely walk downtown and into some thrift stores.

Untitled-1That evening Eric & I drove out to Lancaster for our 5th show at the Arts House at Franklin & Marshall. Our friend Chris (who we’d met on our very first Pocket Vinyl tour during our third-ever show) had a senior jazz concert he was a part of and would miss most of our show, so we grabbed some dinner with him and a few other guys beforehand. During dinner we got recognized by some people from our show at the Row House over a year ago.

Our Arts House show went well (they had a couple of the old paintings I’d done up) and Chris even made it in for the last few songs. We headed back to Elizabethtown to stay another night with Nate & Journey and their kitties and turtles.