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On Sunday, April 13, we left Journey & Nate’s place and headed over to Bloomsburg, PA for another show at the Moonlit Oasis. It was great to be back, everyone there is so welcoming and friendly. The couple who’d gotten the painting last time also won the (very active) bid on this painting as well. After the show we hung out, Eric played some tabletop games, and smoked hookah.

Untitled-m1As it got late we packed up and headed out of town to find a Walmart parking lot to sleep in. After having had nights on this tour where I’d snuggled into my sleeping bag while wearing my winter coat to stay warm, it was amazing to sleep in a t-shirt with the windows cracked. The weather was amazing.

The next morning, Monday April 14, was our last day of tour. The moonlit Oasis show was suppose to be our last, but since Eric had gotten sick way way back at the beginning of tour and we’d had to cancel our Triumph Brewery show, we were able to reschedule it for the 14th. In the morning we woke up at our Walmart, had breakfast and internet at a nearby Panera (thanks Eric’s parents for the gift card!), checked out a barn-shaped GoodWill, then headed to New Hope. It was so sunny and hot I think I got a bit of a sunburn just from walking around. It was wonderful.

Untitledk-1In the evening we went over to Triumph Brewery and had a delicious meal out on the patio (they take good care of us there) before our show. We did a longer set so I was able to tackle a more complex painting idea that I’d been contemplating for a while.

After the show our original plan was to find someplace to sleep nearby, then head home the next morning, so that we could have a whole day to unload and unpack the car. But then I checked the weather and, although the past few days had been so beautiful, it was suppose to pour and then snow all day on the 15th. Unloading the car in that would be no fun. Plus, if we drove through the night, we’d be able to go straight through NYC without traffic issues (usually we shoot for Middletown, NY to avoid NYC traffic like the plague). So we did, with the Blood Moon to guide us until the clouds took her over. Made it home around 3:00 AM, exhausted but so incredibly grateful to be safely home.