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Well, in case you missed it on Facebook or at a show, Eric did, in fact, raise the clippers to his face a few weeks back and rid us of his 14 month long beard. It’d been fun while it lasted, but he was ready for a change, and decided to do it before he spent too much time in the sun and developed a beard-shaped tan line. He did have some fun with the trimming, pretending to be an old-timey boxer with massive mutton chops, and even leaving the mustache for almost a week.

Untitled-1The mustache was my favorite. But eventually he went completely clean-shaven:

tumblr_n4hm4d4ply1r60igyo1_500It’s seriously amazing how he looks like he lost 10 years of his life off his face! Such a baby face, he looks like a completely different person. It probably took me over a week to get use to it, and even still I find his smooth face amusing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Eric always told everyone he attempted growing this beard by my suggestion. Beards run in my family, and I’ve always wished I could grow one too.

Untitled-2(My beardy dad and brothers)