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The day after Eric shaved was April 19… Record Store Day! This was the first RSD that we actually happened to be in New London and could participate in the festivities held at our local shop, the Telegraph. We decided to head in early for the Telegraph’s opening, after a quick trip to Dixie Donuts to pick up a doze to share with everyone else participating in RSD. Oddly, people weren’t too keen on taking donuts out of an unrecognizable box from a stranger with a mustache. Weird.

Untitledk-1We performed a short Pocket Vinyl set alongside a whole slew of other local CT bands that afternoon at the Telegraph. We’d planned to have our new 7″, Mario is Dead, to release for RSD, with two “Nintendo-style” remixes done by our good friend Andrew Davis, but the records weren’t ready in time. Instead, we played a test pressing for the crowd before and after our set, and created a limited edition t-shirt for the show (we only created 10; there are a few left over, if you’d like one, let us know. They’re on sale!)

We don’t often pander to the crowd during our sets, but once in a while we make exceptions. During this show, we both kind of did: Earlier that day Eric quickly put together a song about Record Store Day at the Telegraph and finished off our set with that song. You can listen (and see) the song here (remember, it’s incredibly rough and unpolished):

And I pandered a little, adding a record player to my painting:

Untitled-2We ended the night with a fire and friends at our house (it’s so amazing not having to go sleep in our car after a show!), and Eric finally got to break his no-alcohol lent fast.