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The day after Record Store Day was Easter! It was our first Easter at home since we’d been married. My first Easter in CT in the past 6 years. I was glad we could be here. My grandmother (who we call “Babchi” because of our Polish ancestry, and who was turning 88 the next day), holds a dinner every Easter, and I was really happy to introduce Eric to this family tradition for the first time. Which included the “egg tapping” competition around the table. I was amused that Eric had never heard of this before, since it’s something I’ve grown up with assuming everyone knew about. Babchi asked me to decorate the eggs for this year’s dinner, and I enjoyed experimenting with some new ways for colouring them:

Untitled-1Because of the dispersion of our family over the years, this Easter dinner was smaller than usual, but we still had a nice time and a walk to the nearby playground. (That’s Babchi on the far swing, with my aunt’s mom next to her.)