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A week after Easter we had another couple of shows: two festival shows on the one rainy day of the beautifully sunny week.

The first show we had started around noon, as part of the 2014 “Willistock” at Eastern Connecticut State University. Thankfully we realized 5 minutes before we left that it was at ECSU and not at Conn College. …That would’ve been embarrassing. The event was scheduled to happen outside near the residence halls, but since it had started raining pretty hard we were relocated to their student center. We were scheduled to go first, only because we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to head over to our second festival of the day, but a student band requested to debut a quick three song set, so we agreed to go on after them. Good thing too, because our good friend Kate surprised us by coming to see us with her little one!

BmKX553IgAASJXaUntitlekd-1Untitled-3Unfortunately we couldn’t hang out long, and as the next band began to play we packed everything up and headed back out into the rain, towards the Meriden Daffodil Festival. (Can I confess something really odd? Until this festival I thought it was “daffadold”. Yeah. Guess I’d never had to write it before, and the trumpet-shaped flowers weren’t exactly a big part of my past.)

The rain had just begun to let up when we arrived, and as a matter of fact, there were blue skies just during our set! Pretty amazing, especially considering that a few other acts had canceled because of the rain. Marc, who sometimes plays drums for our shows, met us at the festival, and we set up on a stage bigger than most of the bars we’ve performed at. It was kind of surreal. The show seemed to go pretty well too, and despite the dampness a good amount of people hung out to see us.

Untitllekd-1Untitledp-1After playing and packing up we wandered around to check out the festivities, but the rain drove us back to our cars. The three of us ended the day with some amazing Thai food before getting home. Not a bad couple of shows.