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Our most recent Pocket Vinyl show was this past Saturday, May 3rd, back at the Desultory Theater Club in Torrington, CT. It was good to be back, we love Torrington and the people there. Plus, we had a pretty nerdy audio book that took up the entire trip there and back. (Ok, so we started watched Star Trek: The Next Generation last year because it was on Netflix and we both had some nostalgia for the show from when we were kids and we thought it’d be cheesy and ridiculous and funny… Turns out we both love it. Ok, we actually just love Picard. He’s pretty much the best TV character ever. We finished the series recently (since getting home from tour I think) and decided to try watching Deep Space Nine. Nope. Not enough Picard. We gave it a fair run. I just thought the acting was the worst. And I find the characters shallow and forgettable. ANYWAY. We also both have some nostalgia surrounding Voyager. So, even though Janway’s voice constantly reminds me of that one part of the Fellowship of the Ring where Aragorn’s voice get’s all weird at the council of Elrond (OHMYGOONESSTOOMUCHNERDY!), we’re enjoying that. Still missing Picard though. Well, at a record store on tour recently we found this cassette tape audio book of a Star Trek fan fiction featuring Spock and a young ensign Picard! We listened, it was a laugh, and we tossed it to the side once we got home. But recently we were browsing our local GoodWill and stumbled upon a massive cache of dozens of these audio cassettes! Written and read by the actors we’ve come to know through the show! An for only $1 each! (Admittedly, I wandered off to look at dresses while Eric poured over them and tried to decide which ones to take home.) Well, now we have a practically unending supply of Picard-related stories that we’ll be able to take with us on the road. And now you know how nerdy we truly are…)

tumblr_n52wl9dybn1r60igyo1_500The show itself went well too. The Park opened the show we a solo set that was seriously lovely, and we played second.

Untitllled-2Stay tuned for more shows and stuff to come. We’re doing a lot this summer, even if we are staying in the New England area.