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Since getting home from tour almost a month ago, Eric & I have had a couple Pocket Vinyl shows almost every weekend. This past weekend we had two, both at venues we’ve performed at quite a bit in the past. The first was on Friday, May 9th, back at the Underground Cafe in Feeding Hills, MA. A couple old friends came out to see the show, and it was wonderful visiting them, plus we met a bunch of new people who’d heard of us but hadn’t actually seen us before. The girl who won the bid on the painting had actually seen us at the Witch Haus shows in the past, and was really thrilled to finally own a painting of her own.

IMG_3995 copyUntitled-1

Our second show was at the Oasis Pub in our own New London, CT the next day, Saturday, May 10th. We went to a potluck at a friends’ beforehand to celebrate the final arrival of warm weather. After about a week of cold rain it’s been in the 80’s here and it’s been such a relief from this brutally cold winter. We headed over to the Oasis a little early and hung out until we started close to 11:30. We were the only band playing, but the show went ok. Plus, we had a chance to talk with Sean Murray about our artist residency in June: We’ll be performing every Wednesday at the Oasis for the month of June, and we’ve booked a handful of really awesome bands to join us on the stage, we’re very excited about it. The painting bid was won by a couple who told us they’d seen us perform a handful of times, but this was their first painting as well.

IMG_4005 copyUntitled-1

Our next show will be in upstate NY this coming weekend. Check out our website for full summer tour dates.