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Our most recent show was last weekend, on Friday May 23rd up in Albany, NY. Over the past 5 years since we all graduated from college, quite a few of my good friends have moved to within an hour of the Albany area, so a bunch of us decided to gather a few hours before the show to hang out. Our friends Leah & Phil just got a beautiful little apartment about a half hour from Albany so a small handful of us met up there and had dinner and caught up. It was really awesome to be with old friends, even if just for a short while.

Eric & I left a little early to go find the venue and get settled in. We were playing a show at our first ever ice cream parlor (called Emack & Bolio’s), which was unique and pretty fun. Plus, they gave us free ice cream! I got one of those ridiculous chocolate & sprinkles dipped cones for the first time. …It was maybe a bit much, I couldn’t finish it. The show was fun; people were in and out for the most part, but our small group of friends stuck around, as well as another small group a little further back. Untitled-2A couple of our friends tried winning the bid on the painting, but they were all going against a young girl, and with a face like that, she was hard to outbid.  Untitled-1pWe would’ve liked to stay the night and spend the weekend on the lake with everyone, but we had to drive straight home soon after the show, getting in around 2:00 AM. Then Eric was up just a few hours later to go meet a bunch of guys to drive up to Maine. Our friends Kevin & Heather are getting married in a few days, and that weekend the bachelor/bachelorette parties took place. I’d had to miss out on part of Heather’s festivities on Friday, but I got to go to the beautifully planned bridal shower on Saturday, and then hiking & a picnic at Devil’s Hopyard on Sunday. Both events were a ton of fun, and since our husbands were off in Maine my friend Amanda had me spend Saturday night at her place, watching movies and eating Indian food. Sunday night was weird… In the past I always had family or roommates or at least a pet to keep me company. The house was so quiet and creepy. I need a cat or dog or something. Untitled-3(Most of these photos were not taken by me.)