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As I mentioned earlier, our friends Kevin & Heather are getting married this weekend. It’s been really fun for us to help them out with a lot of the DIY wedding details, and I am super excited to see how this whole thing will come together. Besides, I feel like weddings have begun to slow down in the past 5 years and I really just love attending and being involved in the weddings of good friends.

As a gift for Heather, her sister and Maid of Honor Chrissy got a bunch of Heather’s friends to each create a scrapbook page. Chrissy collected these into a book and presented it to Heather at her bachelorette party. It’s a really awesome idea. One year for my Birthday Eric did that for me, getting letters and photos from tons of different people in my life. That book is one of my favorite things, so I was really happy to get to help by adding my own page.

Unfortunately, I have next to no photos of Heather and I. We only really met a few years ago soon after Eric & I moved to Connecticut, and it seems like most of the time when photos are taken, we’re just not around because we’re on tour a lot. So I decided to take a different approach to my scrapbook page, and instead filled it with small watercolour paintings. Heather loves the Muppets more than anyone I’ve ever known. So I did a bunch of Muppet-themed watercolours! Muppets Take Manhattan was personally my favorite Muppet movie as a child, and I decided to pull a few images from the wedding scene at the end of that movie: Untitled-1I combined that with another watercolour of the Muppet Show opening scene, using Kevin & Heather’s names instead, then attached all three paintings to one side of the scrapbook page:

IMG_4087On the back of the page Chrissy wanted us to attach a favorite recipe. I decided to find a couple Muppet-themed mixed drink recipes. At the bottom of the page I watercoloured another painting of Miss Piggy & Kermit, taken from their first date in the Muppet Movie, and switching out the cheap wine with the mixed drinks in the recipes above.