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A few news-worthy things: First, we recently revamped our merch setup. It was time for a new Pocket Vinyl t-shirt design, and I decided to take up the challenge of creating our first two-colour design. Since we do all the screen printing by hand and don’t have a set up for lining up designs, we had to eyeball everything and mask out the shirts to make sure the design didn’t get too crooked in the separate runs. I am beyond excited about how the final product came out. Definitely my favorite t-shirt design that we’ve done yet. Here’s the original ink design, then the finished shirts: Untitled-2Untitled-1ppWe carry sizes small through extra large, and can create other sizes by special request. You can pick up one of our new shirts at a show for $15 apiece (as always, suggested prices). Check out our tour schedule here. Or order one from us directly by sending us an email.

Our second new merch item is our new 7″ vinyl record! We’d originally hoped to have these available for Record Store Day back in April, but we were faced with a tough choice: Spend more and definitely get the record in time, or spend less and get a wide assortment of coloured vinyl, but most likely not get it in time. We went for the less expensive choice and, predictably, didn’t get the shipment in time for RSD. But I’m so glad we chose that option, because the colours of vinyl are spectacular! The company created our vinyl by melting up a bunch of the left over bits of coloured vinyl from other printings. We assumed, because it’d be a random assortment of colours, that we’d get a lot of puke-coloured vinyl. But, at least the ones we’ve seen so far, look stunning! And I love that no two will be exactly alike!

This 7″ is titled Mario Is Dead and features two songs that have been chip tune remixed by our good friend Andrew Davis. They sound amazing. Eric hand screen printed all the covers and each 7″ vinyl also contains a mini art print and a download code so that you can listen to these songs digitally. Untitlppped-1And as with our other 7″ (which is still available), you can purchase this record at our shows for only $5 each! (Again, suggested price.) Or you can order one online.

Final bit o’ news: The 2014 Whalie Awards took place this past Saturday. We were unable to attend (we were at our good friends’ wedding), but we did win three awards! Best Pop/Rock Music Video (for “Don’t”), Pop Album of the Year, and (most exciting) Album of the Year for Death Anxiety. 10456196_769410699758931_3522545630779161651_nThanks, New London, for making us feel like home.