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So I finished the second book of the Bible. No wonder it’s so hard to read through the Bible, Exodus is so boring! Beforehand I thought, oh, Exodus. Yeah Moses and plagues and a mass exodus out of Egypt. It’ll be fun and exciting. Not really the case. Basically the first 17 chapters are all adventurous excitement. Then in chapter 18 Moses gets a visit from his father-in-law, who’s all like, hey Moses, instead of you personally helping all the Israelites with their problems, you should get rules from God and have priests and stuff deal with all the problems and sins and stuff. Sounds like a great time saver! But then the next 22 chapters are nothing but weird random laws about living in this time period. Also a ton of laws that get repeated that give every teeny little detail on how to make their elaborate church tent and how the priests should dress and how exactly to kill and sacrifice all kinds of animals. It is tedious to say the least. IMG_4432I though I was finally free once I finished the final chapter, but then I started in on Leviticus and so far it seems to be a lot more of the same. It might be a couple weeks since I’ve tried to get back into it. I don’t know if I can read the whole Bible in a year. I think now I’m just going to settle on reading through the entire thing, period. Wish me luck.