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Our Artist Residency for the month of June at the Oasis in new London is coming to a close with our fourth and final show there tonight (9:30ish with CT band Fight the Fear opening). Our first Artist Residency experiment seemed to be a pretty good success. We’ll see how tonight goes, but for the other three shows each one has gotten bigger and more fun than the last.

On June 11th we played a show alongside a favorite local band, the Weird Beards (always love seeing them play), and one of our favorite acts that we’ve met on the road: Jordan of Gaffer Project out of Roanoke, VA. This was Jordan’s first solo tour, and it was a bit rough on him. He got robbed within the first few days, and some shows cancel last minute, and ended the tour by leaving his broken down car in PA while he hitched home. He loves music though, and rough patches won’t stop his passion. He put on a great show at the Oasis, and it was nice to get to host a touring musician for a change. Untitled-1pI figured, with the show being a very beardy night, to create a painting in that theme. My old high school friend and fellow artist, Casey, who I hadn’t seen in years, came out for the show and ended up winning the bid on the painting!

Our next Pocket Vinyl show wasn’t until the following Wednesday, June 18. This was a night of mostly single acts and mostly “Album of the Year” winners for our part of the country. (Daphne won the Whalie last year, we won the Whalie this year, and James Maple won the CT Music Award this year.) So, James Maple started the night with a set, then our good college friend Alex Glover (of the Boston-based band Nemes) did a set, then Daphne Lee Martin did a set with piano player Isaac, then us. Untitled-2It was so awesome to get to play a packed night with all good friends.

Again, tonight’s our final night of the Residency. So come out if you can, grab a Star Trek themed drink, and help us end June well.