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Oh hello.

I had my first art showing in 3 years. I’ve been so busy either doing live art for Pocket Vinyl, or working on commissions for other people, that I really hadn’t don’t any art just for myself in years. I was a difficult and rocky first step back into the art world, but hopefully things will improve as I do more shows and festivals. Untitled-1

Here are the highlights from this past weekend:

– I passed out hundreds of business cards, stickers, and prints.

– A bunch of people recognised my work from Pocket Vinyl shows.

– Good friends from WNY surprised us by showing up.

– Someone recognising my work from the last time I showed art, three years ago.

– Having Eric around to help set up, find parking, and watch the booth when I needed a break.

– Trading a piece of art for a beautiful henna design. IMG_5374

– The good amount of positive feedback really helped my self esteem.

– Seeing the few family and friends that filtered by.

– At least making enough to pay for the booth space.

– Ending Saturday night watching fireworks at a catered party on a private beach with old and new friends (and the mayor).

And here are the not so awesome parts of the weekend:

– Realizing the weeks of work I’d put in was barely enough to cover the walls of my booth.

– No night security meant we had to pack up everything but the tent itself Saturday evening and set up all over again on Sunday morning.

– That also meant that a handful of drunks used my tent for their nighttime partying and left it full of fast food and alcohol trash. IMG_5372

– 1 1/2 hours in traffic to get home on Saturday night instead of the normal 20 minutes.

– Talking with the other vendors about how none of us were selling much art.

– Humidity, heat, and boredom.

– Art pieces falling off the walls.

– Hours dragging by without sales.

– Feeling like my self-worth depended on whether or not people passing by took an interest in my booth.

– Feeling like my self-worth depended on whether or not people passing by took an interest in my booth (that one goes twice because it was a really big one).

The entire event was very difficult. It was exhausting both physically and emotionally. I doubt I’d participate in Sail Fest again, simply because it’s not an art festival. It’s an over-priced-junk-food-and-midway festival. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not exactly the best place to try to peddle fine art… On the other hand, I am glad that I got to experience having a booth at Sail Fest, just so that now I know what to do differently for the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival next month. I’m looking forward to that one, and am anticipating that it’ll be much more the atmosphere that I’d prefer for selling art.

P.S. Here are a few pieces I made specifically for the summer art festivals. These three all sold this past weekend. And you might notice that they are recreations of past Pocket Vinyl live paintings. Untitled-4