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Our third wedding anniversary was on July 16, 2014 (for some reason I constantly mistake it for the 17th. I think just because I know that there’s a “7” in the date, for July. Oh well… breaking stereotypes!)

We had big plans to go away for a weekend and do a brewery trail or hike bunches of mountains or even spend a day exploring Montreal, but stress, exhaustion, and the pressures of trying to get ready for the Mystic Art Fest had other plans. Even if we’d made the time, I knew I would not have been able to relax at all. So instead with ended up getting a delicious sushi lunch (so far every anniversary had included Asian food!), then using anniversary money from relatives to go get silly fancy drinks and see some quality local stand up at Comix at Foxwoods. It was the first time I’d seen live stand up that wasn’t an open mic. It was so much fun, and I’d love to do it again, though it was pretty pricey. I’m really happy that that was how we decided to spend our 3-year anniversary.

Also, we take a couple photos each anniversary, and I just realized that we unintentionally imitate one of our wedding photos every year! Untitled-1Here’s to tons more!