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After our anniversary we had a couple July Pocket Vinyl shows. One fell through, but three others went ahead and we drove up to Burlington, Vermont on the 18th. We actually had two that night, one early show at the Monkey House at 5:30. If you’re looking to book a show in the Burlington area, keep in mind that the Monkey House is pretty dead at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. Untitled-1Since we had a few hours to kill between shows we chilled at our friend Jackie’s house with her dog Nestle (who, sadly, had to be put down soon after we saw him. Such a sweetie). Jackie was not only feeling under the weather, but she was also in charge of working the massive Vermont Brewers Festival that very same weekend, and still insisted that we stay at her place while we were in  VT. At 10:30 we had our second show, at the Radio Bean where we’ve played a few times before. We went on after a band from Wisconsin, and before And the Kids, a band we’d done a show with a few years back. It was cool to run into them again! The venue was packed, and without a doubt this was definitely our best Radio Bean show to date. The couple that got the painting had even come out specifically for our show!

The next day we had another VT show, about an hour away, and a day to kill. Before heading off to the Brew Fest Jackie suggested we head over to Smuggler’s Notch. She gave us some info on how we could get into the water parks there, so we decided to take up her offer. It was wonderful. We ended up spending the hot afternoon swimming, tubing down a big water slide over and over again, and resting in the shade. Untitled-2Towards evening we dried off and continued on to the Bee’s Knees in Morrisville, VT. They fed us full of mussels with curry sauce and local ciders before we played our set, mostly just to this sweet couple that bought the painting. We packed up and were back at Jackie’s much later that night.

On the 20th we left Vermont, heading north though. We’d decided to go to Eric’s yearly family reunion at La Pointe à David in Quebec this summer. We hadn’t been since 2011 and usually don’t go because it is fairly expensive to drive the 22 hours round trip, plus the cost of staying. But since it’d been a while, we were already halfway there in Vermont, and family members had offered to let us camp out on their porch, we decided to go ahead. Plus, I really missed being in Quebec. Untitled-3We ended up staying staying for 4 nights and visited with lots of Eric’s extended family, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc. I took the days away from work to do some sketching from life. And of course, we did a few small Quebec-only things. Though I really wish we’d had time to do a lot more.

We were home the night of the 24th, when panic began to set it as I realized I only had two weeks to complete everything for the Mystic Art Fest. (I really can’t stress enough how much work went into having that booth set up for two days. I so badly wanted the festival to go well.)