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Now, just to update a few of our mid-summer activities. There was the day in late July when our friend Kevin took us and his wife Heather to an MLS game because he work gives him free tickets and he never uses them, but Eric likes soccer so it was really fun. Untitled-1Then in early August when we joined some friends back up near Burlington again to finally get to spend some time at their family lake house that they’ve been inviting us to for the past couple years. There was Ben & Jerry’s and Cabot cheese and cider donuts and, of course, Magic Hat. As well as hiking and floating in the lake. Untitled-2And there were those really stressful days when I felt overwhelmed by the amount of deadlines on art pieces rushing up and Eric thought he’d never write a good song again and I felt paralyzed that I’d never find artistic inspiration again and Eric was worried that we wouldn’t be able to book all the dates in our upcoming tour… And we’d go lay on a blanket in the backyard and have a smoke and carve our initials in a tree and remember why we wanted to be artists in the first place. Untitled-3