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If you don’t mind, I’d like to show off a handful of the art pieces I’ve been working on so hard on for most of this summer, in preparation for the art festivals. These are a few of the pieces I made that turned out to be my favourites, and that I feel truly proud of. (Although saying I feel proud of them feels a bit odd… Because I’d say about 95% of the time, after stepping away from a finished piece, I look at it and my first thought is “there is no way that came from me”. There’s a strange disconnect between who I think I am and what I see myself create. Almost as though someone with talent is just channeling themselves through me… Ok, that’s a whole huge other discussion. I’ll just show you some of my recent art now.)

First, I did a whole bunch of these small realistic watercolours of cats and dogs. Probably mostly because I really miss owning my own cat or dog right now. Untitled-9Untitled-10Untitled-11Here’s a watercolour from life that I did while we were in Quebec last month, that I really like. I’m a little sad this one sold: Untitled-15Here’s a hand-pulled screen print that I created specifically for the Mystic Outdoor Art Fest. I only did a limited edition run of 10 of these, and there are 4 left (for anyone interested). I might turn this idea into a series… Untitled-1These next two started as Pocket Vinyl live show paintings, and I liked the concept of each enough to decide to readdress them both and spend more time on them. These are both around 6″x12″ and consist of watercolour, acrylic, and ink on gessoed masonite board (I really love the ways watercolour reacts to gessoed board.) Untitled-13Untitled-14Finally, we’ve arrived to my “pride and joy” of the recent pieces I’ve created this summer. Like the above two, these next six consist of watercolour, acrylic, and ink on gessoed board. And three of these were also ideas that began as Pocket Vinyl show paintings (so you might recognise a few). What makes these different is that I actually built wooden frames behind them, so they stand and inch and a half away from the wall, look like wrapped canvas, and are ready to hang. It was a lot of work of cutting (using a terrifyingly loose and rusty old circular saw), sanding, drilling, and nailing, before I could even start gessoing and then painting! They looked pretty nice in the end though, if I may say so myself. Also, each one is about 12″x12″. Hope you like them! Untitled-3Untitled-5Untitled-4Untitled-2Untitled-7This final piece was my favorite from the entire summer. One of my greatest joys is creating pieces that just make me laugh, even if no one else really finds them amusing. As soon as this idea came to me I was giddy, and I seriously love so much how to came out. The saddest thing was that I completed it on a Friday evening and by Saturday afternoon it had already sold. Untitled-6A couple of these pieces (and a few more that I didn’t post here) are still for sale. I have them posted in a Facebook album that you can look through, see the prices, and purchase if you’re interested. And if a piece has already sold, you can request a print of it if you like. And in general, keep in touch with my Facebook art page, because I post recent paintings and drawings there all the time.