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Okaaaay, we’ve had over 20 shows since I last updated, and we’re heading out on another tour on Wednesday, so I’m going to try to squeeze in a whole bunch of show updates in just a couple posts. Here goes:

August 20th we performed a kind of DIY show at Amherst College in the Marsh House, basically a mini dance hall in one of their dorms. Pretty good, lots of college kids, lots of other talented musicians. I painted a skydiving bear.

August 23rd we had two shows: The first was in Hartford as part of the Hartford ArtSpace Rough Around the Edges gallery show. We played outside near the back entrance early in the day to a small group of people. The sound guy took home the painting of a sheep wearing a gas mask.

Our second show was in Worcester, MA at Electric Haze, a hookah bar. We were scheduled to start the music for the night, followed by Gang of Thieves and then our friend Alex’s band Nemes. Unfortunately we discovered upon arrival that we’d left all our merch back in Hartford. We played our show, listened to a couple of songs by the Gang of Thieves, then had to run back to Hartford. It felt super crappy leaving the show early, not only because Nemes is awesome and we love our friend Alex, but also because the Gang of Thieves guys sounded pretty sweet. And were super nice. They ended up taking the painting of a caribou in a business suit home to Burlington, VT. (We ended up getting to the Hartford ArtSpace RIGHT before the gallery event was closing, so we were able to get our merch just in time, thankfully.) Untitled-1August 30th was the Keene Music Festival in Keene, NH. We love playing the festival and it was awesome getting to be back. We saw a bunch of good bands, including our friends from the 123s. We also checked out the Robin Williams memorial under the Parish Shoe mural (Jumanji was filmed in Keene). We had two shows, the first one outside and to over a hundred people, and the second inside at Scores. We even ended up in the local Keene paper. The same guy took home both the paintings from that day, to add to his couple of Pocket Vinyl Kickstarter paintings he already had on his walls!Untitled-2_edited-1September 6 was I AM Festival in New London, CT, and it was the first time since we’ve been living here that we were actually going to be in town for the event! We got to perform on the Hygienic Art Stage, and our friends Marc & Kevin joined us to do the show full-band. I always love when we get to do full-band shows. I painted a star-nosed mole, and this may be one of my top 5 favourite Pocket Vinyl paintings. We got to see lots of bands and lots of friend and had a great time hanging out. Untitled-2 copyWe actually had a second show on the 6th, up in Hartford at the Arch Street Tavern. We were almost latecoming from I Am Fest, but we made it just in time. We performed alongside the Canyon Rays out of LA and Marlon J. Battad. One of the guys from the Canyon Rays took the painting home.

Then on September 10th we had a mid-afternoon radio show at UCONN’s WHUS 91.7. Eric played a few songs and we did a live interview, and a good handful of students squeezed into the studio to watch. We also did an interview for UCONN’s The Daily Campus, which you can see here. Afterwards we took our time getting home, stopping at the Willimantic Brewing Company. We don’t get to go on too many dates, so it was nice to have some time to ourselves. Untitled-3(Almost done!) On September 12th we had our second-ever Norwich, CT show over at Strange Brew. They’ve recently revamped the place and it seems to be turning into quite an awesome local music venue. We performed alongside Marvelous Liars. The couple who got the tortois painting (their second Pocket Vinyl painting) know my cousin. Small world.

September 14th was our last show before tour, an early show at Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT. The evening opened with Seth Adam and then If Jesus Had Machine Guns, with us on last. The place was mostly cleared out by the time we started, with the only people there being two of our friends and a couple that had come specifically to see us after hearing us on Spotify! Our friends got the frog painting from that show. Untitled-4Our next shows were on tour with Daphne Lee Martin, but I’ll post those separately.  Thanks for keeping up-to-date with what we’ve been doing! And as always, for more info check out tour dates and paintings.