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On Tuesday September 16 Eric & I tried something new: We went on our very first Pocket Vinyl tour with another band. Instead of doing all the booking, promoting, and traveling all ourselves and between just the two of us, we shared all those responsibilities with Daphne Lee Martin and Isaac Young (performing here in Daphne’s band for this tour). We’ve known a lot of other bands that travel together, and thought it’d be a fun thing to try out! We met up at Daphne’s place in New London, took a while rearranging all our gear and personal items to fit into her mini van, and set out for the next 10 days on a mini tour.

(By the way, you can click on the photos to zoom in.)

September 16: the Way Station, Brooklyn, NY, a Doctor Who themed venue! (In the two weeks leading up to this tour I watched the first three seasons of the reboot, so it was actually pretty fun to be able to get so many of the references.)

– Shared the stage with Rivky GeeYael Kraus.

– The bathroom was the Tardis.

– A bunch of people we didn’t know came out just to see us.

– I painted a medieval knight riding a narwhal.

– Definitely our best NYC show ever so far, renewed our faith in the city.

– Spent the night at Daphne’s friend’s apartment (across from the Brooklyn Museum of Art) and got to know all her precious kitties.Untitleftyfd-1September 17: the Forvm, Buffalo, NY.

– Stopped in Houghton on our way to say hi to Eric’s Mom & drop off personal items.

– Took the beautiful back roads between Houghton & Buffalo and saw tons of windmills.

– Shared the stages with Letterbox, the Devil in Love, Julian Burgio, Ten & Two, Erica Wolfling, & Derek Gregoire. (So many bands!)

– Unfortunately Leroy Townes canceled, which sucked, as we were all really looking forward to seeing them perform.

– One of Eric’s college friends surprised us by showing up and spending the evening with us!

– I painted a squirrel jumping from one tree to another.

– The couple that got the painting had seen us the last time we were at the Forvm and had kept in touch!

– We headed back to Houghton to spend the night at Eric’s parents’ place. Untitled-2ftf copySeptember 18: Boulder Coffee (100 Alexander), Rochester, NY.

– Eric & I were up early to see his parents off before they headed to see their grandkids in NJ.

– Took a couple walks around Houghton College, seeing the familiar and the new (the Kerr-Pegula Athletic Complex is kind of on the ridiculous side), and some old friends.

– Stopped in Letchworth on our way to Rochester to climb the train bridge and look at the waterfalls.

– Saw so many good friends at Boulder! Made my heart feel so happy.

– I painted a bunch of curious whales. (One of my top 5 favourite Pocket Vinyl paintings.)

– Got back to Houghton pretty late, but decided to stay up an extra hour for hot tub soaking before turning in. Untitlvftgyhjed-3September 19: House Show at Travis & Elizabeth’s, Cleveland, OH.

– Left Houghton and stopped at Moss Lake on our way to Ohio.

– Eric & Isaac played board games in the back seats of the van.

– Eric performed on a couple of Daphne’s songs during her set.

– I painted a whale with trees growing out of its back.

– We hung out with friends late after the show.

– Travis & Elizabeth got the painting.

– They made up beds for all of us in their big old house. Untitlectghjd-4September 20: Scarlet & Grey, Columbus, OH.

– Elizabeth made us an awesome breakfast and we spent the morning talking over coffee.

– When we left, we headed over to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Touring bands get in for free! We spent a few hours there and I was surprised by how fascinating I found it to be.

– It was a slow night at Scarlet & Grey, but they treated us so well, and invited us back!

– We shared the stage with Still First In Space, a PINK FLOYD tribute band.

– I painted a man whose beard turned into a forest.

– We spent the night at Daphne’s cousin’s place. Untitled-5That’s the first half of the tour! I’m splitting it in two to make it more digestible.