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Continuing on with the second half of our Pocket Vinyl tour with Daphne Lee Martin and Isaac Young:

September 21: Cook & Maid, Coal Center, PA. (House show run by students at California University of Pennsylvania.) We’ve been coming to the Cook & Maid ever since we first met our friend Sean right before he started college at CALU. Now he runs the Cook & Maid and is about to graduate. He’s been an amazing supporter of what we do through the years, and helped this show become one of our best of this tour. Here’s why:

– We shared the stage with Jessica Saenz (who I sketched during her set), and the Baker’s Basement from Cleveland (so awesome, I hope we get to perform with them again).

– I painted a giant catfish.

– During our set the room filled with people singing/yelling along to almost all our songs. It was pretty surreal and magical. Daphne caught some of it on video, so that should come out soon in a Pockumentary.

– We hung out for a while afterwards before all finding couches to spend the night on.

– P.S. For this show I specifically wore my t-shirt for Sean’s band: Chicos del MuertosUntiftftytled-1September 22: Gluck Theater at West Virginia University for WWVU FM, Morgantown, WV, & 123 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV.

– We spent most of the day hiking around Ohiopyle State Park, checking out waterfalls and trails and eating ice cream for lunch.

– Originally we didn’t have a show this day, but through some back-and-forths with WWVU (who’s been playing our albums) we got set up with two shows.

– The first show in the Gluck Theater on WVU campus was live-streamed by WWVU.

– Someone stole the money from our merch case. It wasn’t much, but it was still frustrating.

– I painted a bear wearing a bridle.

– During the second show Eric performed but I didn’t paint.

– We spent the night in an apartment above 123 Pleasant St, where one of the students who works at WWVU lives. Untitleftgtyhjd-2 copySeptember 23: Duffy’s Coffee House, Clarks Summit, PA.

– Diner breakfast, then lots of driving.

– I painted a British robin trapped in an old whiskey bottle.

– During Daphne’s set she changed around her lyrics and Eric jumped in with harmonica.

– We found a cheap hotel room for the night, and were thankful for a comfy spot to rest up after floors and couches. Untitlegtygyd-3September 24: Cyber Cafe West, Binghamton, NY.

– We only had an hour drive, so we spent much of the day finding things to do around Binghamton.

– We got some treasures at a GoodWill.

– Snacks at a brewery.

– A walk along the river.

– At the venue I hunkered down to finish editing a big illustration project (I’ll post about that later) while Eric, Isaac, & Daphne played trivia games.

– The venue fed us so well. Their food is amazing!

– My parents came! They’re on a 2 month long road trip from Vancouver, and I hadn’t seen my dad in over a year. Also, my mom had her little dog with her, that I love.

– I painted a barn swallow stealing wool from a sheep, that got taken home by our friends from New London that now live in Binghamton, Zach & Ashley. Untitbnb jled-3After the show Daphne & Isaac spent the night at Zach & Ashley’s while Eric & I stayed at my parents’ hotel room. The next morning we got a phone call, stating that the final show of our tour, scheduled for the Hut at Mansfield University, had accidentally been double-booked and we needed to reschedule.

We met up with Daphne & Isaac, piled into the van, and headed for home. With the canceled last show it felt like the tour sort of just fizzled out, which was frustrating. But on the other hand, it had been a pretty awesome first tour with another band! We grabbed some whiskey nips on the way home (this was, after all, the #WhisKeysTour).

Plus, it was good to be home with my parents (they met us there, and spent a couple days with us before heading off to continue their road trip).