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So, we got home from tour with Daphne Lee Martin on Thursday, September 25th and we leave for another bigger tour on Wednesday October 1st and we decided that having 5 days off between tours was just too long, so we scheduled two shows for this past Saturday, September 27th.

The first was up in Bristol, CT as part of the Bristol Mum Festival. It was a beautiful day for a festival… Maybe a little too beautiful; I requested that Eric cut our set short by a song because the sun was really burning me up while I was trying to paint.

I painted a whale with a ship in its belly that our sound guy took home.

Hanging Hills performed right after us and we hung around for their set. Those guys are so great at what they do (we know them after playing a house show with them last year.) Untitled-3Our second show wasn’t until later, at Anna Liffey’s in New Haven, CT. We had a lot of time to kill, so we picked up some art supplies I was in need of (thanks to the stranger who gave us those coupons, a $50 expense turned into a $13 one!), did some Christmas & Birthday shopping for nieces & nephews, and got attached to every single kitty up for adoption at PetSmart. UGH!

At the venue we went on first and I painted clouds with tentacles coming out of them. Our friend Kurt took the painting home. Untitled-4The venue was packed and the other two bands (Somerville Symphony Orkestar and Milksop:Unsung) were really amazing. Definitely hope we get to share the stage with both of them again in the future.

Up next: Our big October tour. We’re most likely coming to your town. Stay tuned. Oh and again, thanks for reading. It means a lot.