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That’s what I’ve started calling this tour… Not to be confused with “the OC Tour”. Oops. Whatever. “Octour” sounds like an evil villain from a 90s Saturday morning cartoon.

October 1st: Avenue 209, Lock Haven PA.

This was our 4th show at Avenue 209, and they just keep getting better and better. We really love coming back, and according the to ever-growing crowd, it seems like people enjoy having us come back! It was an awesome start to this October tour. Untiftyutled-1Last time we were in town the above couple (who also took the painting home on Wednesday night), Tim & Robyn (and Grove), had given us a place to stay. They offered again this time around and we were looking forward to hanging out with them. Last time we were in town Tim had to use a walking stick to help him around. This time he was in a wheelchair. At their house after the show they told us that since we’d last seen them Tim had been diagnosed with ALS. You know, that huge Ice Bucket Challenge? Tim is a veteran, he’d been in the Marines, and apparently veterans are twice as likely to develop ALS, and no one knows why. It was pretty crazy to talk with them about their life adjustments, as well as what they’re expecting to go through. It’s definitely a lot to think about. They’ve been posting about their experiences on a blog, and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

October 2nd: Sign of the Wagon, York, PA.

We left Tim & Robyn’s place in the morning, looking forward to seeing them in the spring. We stopped by Avenue 209 for coffee & tea and to talk with Jared (who runs the coffee shop) and Sam (who also works there), for a bit.

Then we were on our way to York, stopping at the best farm stand I’ve ever seen along the way! They had GIANT pumpkins for sale! I wanted one so badly. If only we weren’t on tour!

In York we were having trouble finding the Sign of the Wagon. One of the owners, Lindsey, spotted us while she was walking home and carrying flowers, and waved at us. We smiled and waved back and drove away, assuming she was just a friendly stranger… We figured out later that she’d been trying to flag us down. Ha. Oops. The venue is spectacular! It’s Lindsey and Peter’s home, but they’ve turned it into three stories (plus a basement) of gallery space, recording studio, media space, painting studio, roof garden, bar, vinyl shop, mat & framing studio, as well as home. We were in awe.

We were all a little nervous that the show wouldn’t go too well because a lot of other things were also happening that evening in York, but a fair-sized little crowd trickled in while we played and it turned into a great living room show. Plus there was the longest live auction for the painting I’ve ever witnessed! The guy who finally won is a 4th grade teacher and is planning on hanging it in his classroom. Untift5ytled-1We can’t wait to come back to Sign of the Wagon.

After the show we packed up and drove to Elizabethtown, PS, where we’re staying with my college ex-roomie Journey & her husband Nate for a couple nights.

Tonight (10/3) we’re performing in Lancaster, PA as part of an Arts House event with Franklin & Marshal.

Tomorrow (10/4) we’re performing in Baltimore, MD at a gallery with quite a few other talented bands.