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October 5: the Metropolitan, Annapolis, MD.

We spent much of the day sleeping in, hanging out with Tamika & Ben’s cat (that has 6 toes on each foot! Public service announcement: guys, don’t declaw your pets. It’s cruel and often leads to painful infection that leads to early deaths.), talking with Tamika, and then seeing my nephew & niece for a bit before we had to head out (I gave Arion a mohawk. Little cutie.) Untitled-1From there we headed to the venue, meeting up with our good friends Orion & Rochelle in downtown Annapolis! They’re currently on a road trip from upstate NY. The show itself was small and intimate, and we shared the stage with Sarah Fridrich (who we’ve played with twice before) and Midnight Snack, a 7-piece group from Boston, that played one of the best Sufjan Stevens covers I’ve ever heard. Sarah ended up taking the painting home after the show. ftuhjk1Our good friends Shawn, Rachel, & Jon all showed up for the show, and afterwards we all headed back to Shawn & Rachel’s place for the night. That really is the best part of these tour: Seeing and getting to spend time with good friends all over the country. I really love these people so much. dr1