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(I just noticed that in my last post I abbreviated Pennsylvania to “PS”.)

Well, I have been having so much fun on this tour and hanging out with so many people, I haven’t had time to update this blog about our shows! I’ll try to be better. No promises though.

October 3: at Franklin & Marshal for the Arts House, Lancaster, PA.

We’ve been performing in the basement of this student townhouse occupied by Franklin & Marshall art students for the past bunch of years, pretty much ever since we started performing as Pocket Vinyl. For Friday’s show the students in charge decided to move the event over to a small theater where they perform improv and stand up, in an effort to open the event more to the public. Beforehand the students kept apologizing because it was a Jewish holiday and there was a sports event happening and they were afraid our show would be poorly attended. But not only did the venue get completely packed, but more chairs had to be brought out! That, along with the 20 minute question & answer/story telling time in the middle of the show and a standing ovation, made this one of the most fun shows we’ve ever gotten to be a part of! It really made us feel like every cold night in the car, every skipped meal, and every poorly attended show was all worth it. Our good friend Journey squeezed into our car last minute, and it was so fun having her at the show. She did a really sweet sketch of us during the show. Also, she decorates amazing cakes as a living, so go check those out. tgyu1P.S. Before leaving on this tour we made up a bunch more t-shirts, for a total of around 30, figuring that would hold us over for the tour (we screen print them all completely by hand, btw). After this Lancaster show, our third show into a 24 date tour, we were down to 2!! We’ve made them available for mail order for the rest of our shows, it’s the best we can do.

October 4: Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD.

Journey had the day off so we spent some of it with her in Elizabethtown, going apple picking at the Masonic Village nearby (what are their secrets??), before heading off to Baltimore. My older brother Ben & his wife Tamika help run this really awesome gallery that we got to play at. It was our first time there and I loved it. There was this insane mushroom-themed exhibition going on and the entire place felt like a magical forest fairyland. Our friend Andrew came out to see us, and Eric’s cousin Sally (I’m sad I didn’t get photos of them). We shared the stage with one of our favourite local Baltimore bands, Boxelders, along with Bug MartinEliza Doering and The Penny Black. (Journey inspired me to do some of my own sketching during the other bands’ shows.Untitldrftgh'ed-2We stayed the night in Baltimore with Tamika (my brother was out of town, setting up his own art shows in other parts of the country, and the kids were having a sleepover).