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October 6: Bean There, Norfolk, VA.

After a lazy morning with friends in Annapolis, we packed up and headed south to our first of two Norfolk shows on this tour.

(Journey’s husband, Nate, had gotten us this Deanna Troi action figure when we saw them. Still in the box since 1992. We set her free! And I’ve already started Instagraming her adventures with us. I won’t post much here, but you can follow her at #TroiToyTour.)

The Bean There show was fairly small, but the coffee shop employees were awesome and my brother Nic’s friend Barry surprised us by showing up! Also, speaking of Next Generation, the guy who took the painting home is named Ryker. Untitrftyled-2The show ended early and we had time to kill, so after packing up the car we walked a few blocks down to the Norfolk waterfront to see the ridiculously massive WWII battleships docked there. The size of these things is unbelievable! Also, 2 for 1 pizza slices at the nearby mall: the benefits of showing up at closing time. Later we went to stay with Ernie (Eric’s college friend) & Lindsey and their new little guy, who’ve been kind enough to let us use their guest room while we stayed in Norfolk.

October 7: Borjo Coffeehouse, Norfolk, VA.

It was nice to have a day where we really didn’t have to travel much. Both of us got a lot of work done during the day at Ernie & Lindsey’s. By early afternoon we decided to go check out the Cinema Cafe they’d told us about. We found one where tickets were only $1.50 each. We took a chance on The Hundred-Foot Journey, which neither of us had heard much about. But it was a very sweet film… definitely worth $3! Haha.

After that we headed to a very packed Borjos. This was our second time performing here. They take really good care of their bands at this venue, constantly making sure we were well fed and suggesting more drinks for us to try. (Smoked salmon is definitely a top 5 favorite food of mine, and Borjos has a spectacular bagel & lox.) Unfortunately the crowd quickly dispersed before we even started, but there was a small group of people who stuck around, got the painting, took home some merch. So all in all, it went well. Plus, store-made ice cream sandwiches to go home with! Ugyhujkntitled-1After our Norfolk shows we start out on the second week of this October tour, continuing south for the most part. Please stay in touch with where we’ll be on http://pocketvinyl.com/tour_dates/ and thank you so much!