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October 8: the Tipsy Teapot, Greenville, NC.

We left Ernie & Lindsey’s in Norfolk and headed south past a lot of cotton fields to arrive in Greenville, NC. The Tipsy Teapot had very recently changed hands, and we were the first show under the new management. Things were a bit chaotic at first, but once we all figured out what was happening and how it would work out, the night went smoothly. The new owner’s name is Angela and she is amazing, treating us to a super delicious dinner (swiss, spinach, pear, walnuts, & kalamata olives on mini open-faced sandwiches) and drinks. A bunch of people who’d seen us perform during our last visit to Greenville came out, and the guy who took the painting home had gotten the painting during that last show as well. gyuh3We talked with a lot of people about the potential of future Greenville shows in other locations, so hopefully more will come from that. A guy named Morgan who’d recently moved to the area from Maine invited us over to spend the night, so we didn’t have to sleep in our car like we’d been planning.

October 9: Willow House, Roanoke, VA.

We headed off from Greenville early for a bit of a longer drive back north, toward Roanoke, VA. Our good friend Jordan (of Gaffer Project) had set up a house show for us where he use to live, at the Willow House. We’d stayed at this house before after other Roanoke shows, but this was our first time actually performing here. We shared the basement stage with Black Mountain Revival (super fun. And powered through even when their upright bass broke, fixing it with duck tape to finish the show) and Ryan Hansbarger (a mustache to conquer all). Untitled-4Jon and Keisha, who own the house, ended up winning the bid on the painting. It was a super fun night of music and friends and hanging out. Plus, they set up a really nice little guest room for us and I slept better than I have in a long time.


(This is probably one of my top 5 favourite live paintings.)

Today we have a show in Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech area) at the She-Sha Cafe & Hookah Lounge (we’ve played there before, and as a matter of fact, we met Jordan there!). It’s not far from Roanoke, so Eric & Jordan are playing video games and I’m attempting to catch up on some work here at Willow House. Tomorrow we’re off to Jamestown, NC, and continuing south still. As always, stay in touch with where we’ll be at http://pocketvinyl.com/tour_dates/

See you on the road!