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October 10: She-Sha Cafe & Hookah Lounge, Blacksburg, VA.

After spending most of the day hanging out in Roanoke getting some work done at the Willow House, we packed up and headed over to She-Sha. We got to town early and spent a bit of time walking around the Virginia Tech campus, just taking a bit to stretch our legs and get away from work for a while. Back at She-Sha we enjoyed some amazing Mediterranean food, set up, and watched the cafe get packed with students and hookah smoke. We played our set, I painted a couple of rams challenging each other, one of the She-Sha employees won the bid, and a good handful of people picked up merch and talked with us afterwards. (One guy bought our album and informed us that it was the first music he’d ever ever bought!) We hung out listening to another girl play some songs on guitar and enjoyed a hookah while I sketched. Jon (who owns She-Sha) and Jeannette set up a guest room for us to spend the night. Also, they have a bunch of super friendly kitties, and we were so thrilled to get to play with them! Undrttitled-1October 11: Turntable, Jamestown, VA.

So wonderful being back at Turntable, we love this venue so much! We played two 40-ish minute sets so I was able to work on a much more involved painting. We had a couple people who’d seen us before come back (including Josh, who got the painting, as well as Marc, who let us crash at his house after the show), plus some new people. It was great, and there was another super friendly kitty at Marc’s place. Untdrtyitled-1Tonight we’re at a different Greenville; Greenville, SC this time, at Radio Room.

As always, thanks for staying in touch!