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October 12: the Radio Room, Greenville, SC.

On Sunday our drive between Jamestown, NC and Greenville, SC took us through Charlotte, NC, very close to Waxhaw, where JAARS is located. A tiny quiet community, JAARS partners with Wycliffe Bible Translators, the organization my parents work for. Every two years over my entire childhood, my whole family would make the long road trip from northern Quebec to Waxhaw, NC for the Wycliffe North American Branch conferences at the JAARS center for two weeks in the middle of the hot southern summer. While our parents went to meetings all day we’d meet up with other “missionary kids” and go swimming, horseback riding, visit the Discovery Center in Charlotte, etc. Some of my best friends and favourite memories happened in this weird little quiet community. On Sunday Eric & I spent an hour walking the one-mile loop around the entire place, while I got all nostalgic and explained tons of different events that I’d been a part of. I hadn’t been there in 12 years. It was really weird being back.

We then continued on to Greenville, SC to play at the Radio Room. We shared the stage with These Wild Plains, a band on tour from Boston, and one of the members actually knew our friend Alex from the band Nemes. Seriously such a small world.

This was our 400th show! And it was awesome. The crowd was amazing, kind, attentive, enthusiastic. It could not have gone better. We can’t wait to come back.Untit5rtyled-1After the show a guy named Jason invited us to crash on his fold out couch. We’d been planning on sleeping in the car, so it was really great to not have to.

October 13: (Canadian Thanksgiving!) Flicker Theater & Bar, Athens, GA.

The next day we got up, thanked Jason, and stopped over at Bob Jones University to walk around and take a quick photo. We had no idea Bob Jones was even in Greenville until we happened to drive past it on our way to our show the night before! So odd.

Then, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with my parents!! Still on their 2-month long road trip, they were making their way back to CT from Florida, and happened to be going past Greenville, SC on Monday. We met up at a Waffle House for breakfast/lunch (breakfast for Eric & I, lunch for them). It was so great being able to see them.

We said goodbye and headed off in two different directions, Eric & I arriving in Athens by early afternoon. Ok, we tried three times to find a library with our GPS. I think the GPS people just really dislike the Athens library people, because it kept directing us toward residential areas with no libraries! We ended up hanging out in the cafe section of a Kroger for a few hours, getting computer work done. Tour life.

The Flicker show went pretty well. Small crowd, as is expected for a Monday night show. We shared the stage with By Small Ruin and I Am That I’m NotUntidrtyhjtled-1The guy who got the painting, James, is the bassist for By Small Ruin, and offered us an air mattress in his living room to spend the night on. Again, we’d been planning on sleeping in the car, so it was great to get the offer.

Today we drove to Atlanta for our show later this evening at the Music Room, where we’ll be sharing the stage with I Am That I’m Not again, as well as Karina Mia.

After this we’ll be continuing on to Tennessee, then Alabama, then Tennessee again. As always, keep in touch with where we’ll be on our website: http://pocketvinyl.com/tour_dates/