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October 14: the Music Room, Atlanta, GA.

The day started out nice. Nice and very rainy. We drove to Atlanta, checked out the Municipal Market, scoped out the venue, and when the rain let up, we walked around Atlanta’s Olympic Centennial Park! That was really awesome.

In the evening we headed back to the venue. At first we parked around the corner, but then moved up to park along the side of the building, figuring that be “safer” in an unpredictable city. Not the best plan, as it turned out.

David from I Am That I’m Not showed up and parked near us. Realizing he’d forgot his guitar strap he was rummaging around in his car when suddenly a guy began dumping gasoline all over the line of cars parked along the building, then lit one on fire! We found out within minutes and sprinted up to the street to see the furthest car engulfed in flames while a crowd gathered and David called 911. Cops showed up almost immediately and put out the fire, and Eric and some other people from the bar ran water over to rinse off the other cars. Fortunately a girl had snapped a photo of the getaway car, including the license plate. The street got taped off as a crime scene, and we all slowly made our way back downstairs for the show… Untiftyghtled-1We had some after-show hang-outs with David & friends & pizza & beer, before going back to David’s place to spend the night. Extra thankful for a living room to crash in this night, since the inside of our car reeked of gasoline. It took three days of driving with the windows down and a couple sticks of incense to get rid of the smell. Thankfully we’re in the south and mid-October is summer weather down here.

From Atlanta our tour map is as follows: tumblr_ndgebyFhvD1r60igyo1_500

October 15: Kudzu’s, Memphis, TN

We had a pretty long drive between Atlanta and Memphis, so most of this day was just spent in the car. We’d played at Kudzu’s in the past, and they take really good care of us. Tara, who’d seen us during our last visit to Memphis, not only got the painting but also let us stay in her guest room at her really beautiful place (with her very sweet blind chihuahua). Untitled-2