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October 16: Blurry Vision Records, Decatur, Alabama.

From Memphis we backtracked sort of, getting to Decatur with just enough time to pick up some new painting surfaces and gesso them in the hot Alabama late afternoon sun in a parking lot. Shorts and t-shirt weather in mid-October. Pretty weird, but we embraced it with 75 cent soft serve cones from Burger King.

Our show that evening was at Blurry Vision, a new indie record shop/venue space. BJ, the owner, opened this summer, and we loved the space. Definitely check it out and/or book a show if you’re in town. The crowd for the show was a bit odd, fluctuating throughout the night and between the bands, but we ended the night with an intimate and very engaged show, which is exactly what we love to do. BJ won the bid on the painting (and if you look carefully, you can see our Whaling City tribute on one of the records behind him). We spent the night in his girlfriend’s living room, falling in love with her two gorgeous rescue cats and extremely friendly pug. (I’m seriously loving all the animal friends we’ve been making on this tour.) Untitlserdtfted-1October 17: Maggie Meyer’s Irish Pub, Huntsville, AL.

Decatur and Huntsville are only about a half hour apart, so we had a pretty leisurely day. We got breakfast with BJ (Waffle House!), I gathered a bunch of black walnuts we discovered by the side of a road (shelling them in a parking lot later that evening, my hands are still stained) (by the way, I believe people from the North and people from the South are equally curious, but Southerns certainly are way more vocal about it!), BJ led us to Huntsville and past the NASA Space Center, then to Lowe Mill Arts where we wandered through dozens of art studios, shops, and galleries. Pretty amazing.

By late afternoon BJ headed back to Decatur and Eric & I went over to Maggie Meyer’s. It’s owned and run by the came people at Copper Top, so we saw a couple familiar faces. They treated us to an amazing dinner, and then we just waited around until the show.

We shared the stage with Sam McLeroy, who did the funniest and most enjoyable shows I’ve seen in a while. Found out later that besides music she also does stand up, which makes a lot of sense. We played an extra long set, and then the venue won the bid on the painting. Sam invited us to spend the night on her living room floor, which again, is so much better than sleeping in the car, even if we did finally just get the gasoline smell out of the interior (or maybe we’ve just gotten used to it…) Undrftgtitled-1