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October 19: Two-Tone Art Gallery, Murfreesboro, TN.

We left our cozy hotel room on Sunday and stopped over at the Old Stone Fort in Coffee County, TN, a large 2,000 year old Native American structure. Pretty fascinating. We then continued on to Murfreesboro (stopping for wifi and a very fall-themed coffee) for our show at Two-Tone. It went amazingly. The little gallery was full of people who were all very attentive and enthusiastic; a great show to have after a lot of small shows throughout the south over the past week. We shared that stage with Genie, Child of God for their EP release. I painted a yeti riding Loch Ness, and although the two guys in the photo signed the model release form, they also suggested I photoshop the yeti & Loch Ness’ heads onto their’s. Untitled-1Afterwards a guy offered us his apartment for the night. His entire apartment. As in, he crashed at someone else’s place so that we could get a good night’s sleep on his own bed, use his shower, drink his coffee. (Also, his apartment was really nice!) We were both in awe that someone who’d literally just met us would be so giving and open with basically all of his possessions! It was really nice to have a bed and to be able to sleep in without worrying about someone waiting on us.

October 20: Springwater, Nashville, TN.

(A few years ago the Black Keys shot a video at this venue.)

We left Murfreesboro and headed for a Jerry’s Artarama location outside Nashville (an artist from the gallery the night before had told me about this art supply store that sells supplies for a bit cheaper than most other art stores). While there, picking up necessities and yearning over unnecessities, we overheard some people talking about a dollar theater nearby. The cashier pointed us just up the road to the theater. We were a 1/2 hour early for any showings, so we wandered around one of the creepiest mostly abandoned malls ever. Seriously, it was a pretty huge 2-story mall and maybe 10 shops or food places were actually open. Definitely a zombie mall if I’ve ever seen one. Then we watched the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for $1.50 each. We loved it and now both want to see all of the Planet of the Apes movies!

Anyway, after the movie we went to see Zach from Fable Cry real quick, before he had to head off to a Birthday party and we had to head off to our show. (BTW, Fable Cry releases a new music video today! And based on the set (in Zach’s living room that we slept in; I’m sitting in a chair from the set in the first photo) it looks like it’ll be amazing!) (Also, I love the framed Crusades comic by their housemate George. Please check out his Instagram, especially the Pinup Poe-ses. Amazing.)Untitled-2Springwater was a Monday show, so it went as Monday shows usually go. One of the bands never showed up, and the crowd was very very small. But the opener, Kirabelle, was awesome. And she added Josh last minute as a cello player, who we found out is actually in Fable Cry. So it was great meeting him. Plus, the entire staff at Springwater was amazing, leading to a bidding war between a few of them, ending with a fight between Kirabelle and Mike the bartender (guess who won, based on the above photo). Then back to Zach’s place to spend the night on the (very comfy) couch.

Side note: I’ve been loving these yetis, but I think this is my last one (at least for this tour). Though I’m considering making them into mini screen prints. So I might sell some of those in the near future.