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Tour’s been over for a few days now, so I should catch up on how the last couple of shows went.

October 21: Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN.

It was a bit of a drive between Nashville and Johnson City. Plus, we finally crossed back over into EST, so we lost an hour. But we still had a bit of wiggle room and took a short detour to visit an African Burial Ground not too far off the highway. The fenced in cemetery had been used to bury slaves from nearby plantations. It was awfully jarring to survey an entire cemetery of hundreds without a single grave marker. Only recently was a stone set up to honor the dead, but even it admitted that there is no record as to who these individuals were.

We arrived in Johnson City early enough to go say hi to our friend Jocelyn before going over the to venue. We’ve played shows at the Acoustic Coffeehouse, I dunno, 4, 5, 6 times now? They treat us well here, and every show seems to improve over the last one! They fed us double veggie burgers before the show. What? I have never heard of double veggie burgers before. I painted two narwhals together and the guy who took the painting home has already gotten two previous paintings! rfhb1After our show we went back to Jocelyn’s for the night on their futon.

October 22: Baine’s Books and Coffee, Appomattox, VA.

After a spicy egg breakfast and coffee with friends, we were off toward the north. We had a lot of long drives ahead of us, but would be home so soon, after 3 1/2 weeks straight of shows every night.

We decided to get to Appomattox early, as people had encouraged us to check out some of the historical sites the area has to offer. The Civil War came to a close here, and we went to look at preserved fields, houses, roads, and cemeteries. I love setting foot in historical locations (going to Ephesus in Turkey a bunch of years back blew my mind), but it was a little unnerving to see confederate flags flying over grave sites, especially after visiting the grave sites of African slaves the day before. Untigyutled-1This was our second time to Baine’s and everyone there was really nice. Allison & Aaron, who’d gotten the painting during our last visit to Appomattox were there again, got the painting again, and offered us their guest room again. The show was finished relatively early (compared to some of our shows), so we stayed up for hours with Allison & Aaron, drinking and talking and laughing. It was really wonderful, though I couldn’t help feeling bad for them having to get up early to go to work the next day. They let us sleep in and lock up as we left, which was so nice.